Diet therapy is the most important way to maintain carbohydrate balance in the blood and prevent the development of complications of diabetes.

This disease occurs when the body fails to manage the distribution of insulin throughout the body through the bloodstream. All this leads to a malfunction of the pancreas. Insulin begins to be produced in spurts, and important micronutrients are flushed out of the body.

Obesity, pancreatic pathologies, sedentary lifestyle, and unfavorable heredity are all risk factors. The problem is so urgent that in today’s world, Type I Diabetes Mellitus is already being diagnosed in men and women under 30.

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A healthy diet for people with diabetes should include as many natural foods as possible. Pastries, sweets, and convenience foods should all be excluded.

Doctors recommend the following foods for people with diabetes:

– Vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumbers),

– grains (buckwheat, quinoa),

– pure protein (chicken breast, fish),

– high-molecular-weight fats (nuts, seeds).

It is vital for diabetics to avoid sodas, quick snacks; baked goods; fatty meats. All of these foods stimulate a rapid release of insulin.

If precautions are not taken, complications can develop, such as:

-diabetic ketoacidosis,

-hyperglycemic coma,

-hypoglycemic coma,

-iperosmolar coma.

In all cases, urgent medical intervention is necessary.

Diabetes mellitus is a serious disease that cannot be ignored. Therefore, all diets should be made in accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions. Any deviation from the usual diet can lead to irreparable consequences.


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